Hotels Near Me: How To Select The Right One

We all have different reasons for looking for a hotel near me. Some people check-in because they are on a vacation, while some people are away on a business trip and some simply book a hotel room just to experience the service and luxury that you can't find at home.

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Luxury is only one of the selling points of a hotel because most people want a hotel room for the comfort and convenience that it can offer them. Would you actually prefer to spend a lot of money in renting a house if you will only stay in that place for a couple of days? Hotels can appear expensive at times, but renting a house is not a good idea if you are only there for a few days. This is the reason why hotels are so popular. They can be found anywhere in the world, no matter how remote the area may be.

Let me give you a few interesting facts about hotels including a short summary of its history.

The History of Hotels

A hotel is an establishment that offers paid lodging on a short-term basis. Facilities that offered hospitality to travelers have existed since the earliest times.

In Greco-Roman culture, hospitals meant for recuperation and rest were actually built at thermal baths and during the Middle Ages, various religious orders would offer accommodation for travelers on the road. This is where "paid lodging" started.

The precursor to the modern hotel that we know was the inn of medieval Europe. Inns are known to provide the needs of travelers like food, lodging, stabling and fodder for the traveler's horse.

The Types of Modern Hotels

Now that you already know where hotels began, it is time to look at modern hotels. We will give you some information about the modern types of hotels and the services that they are offering.

Upscale Luxury Hotels – This is a type of hotel facility that offers luxury amenities, full service accommodations, on-site full service restaurants and the highest level of personalized and professional service. This type of hotel is the most luxurious type of hotel currently available and you can find them almost anywhere in the world, especially in big cities.

Full Service Hotels – This is not as luxurious as upscale luxury hotels, but they usually offer the same type of serviced accommodation. They have on-site full service restaurants and other on-site amenities like swimming pools, ballrooms, conference facilities, a health club and more.

Hotels Near Me - MotelBoutique Hotels – These hotels are smaller independent hotels that provide upscale facilities of varying size with full service accommodations. This is not as big as upscale or full service hotels, but they also offer the same type of service accommodations and amenities. A boutique hotel generally has 100 rooms or less and some of these hotels where actually classified as luxury hotels such as Hotel Indigo.

Focused or Select Service – This is a type of hotel that offers a limited number of on-site amenities. It can only cater to a specific demographic of travelers, especially those who do not require too much luxury services or on-site amenities. They can provide full service accommodation, but you can't necessarily expect them to offer leisure amenities.

Economy and Limited Service – This is a type of hotel created for travelers who do not require on-site amenities and those who don't require personalized services. This is a hotel catering for the budget-minded traveler and they only offer basic accommodation with little to no extra services.

Extended Stay Hotels – This is a unique type of hotel that allows you to stay on your lodging for a longer period. They offer longer term full service accommodations and they usually provide a non-traditional pricing method. The services that they are offer are practically the same with economy hotels because they do not have on-site amenities and typically offers basic levels of accommodation.

Motels – This is actually an abbreviation for "motor hotel" and it is a usually available for people who are traveling to a different state. This is a low-rise lodging establishment that is very similar to a limited service hotel and they are usually available in the road for the motorists who want to stay for the night before they continue on their journey.

Hotel Rating

Hotel ratings are used to classify hotels based on the quality of services that they are offering. There is a wide range of rating schemes used by various organizations around the world. Most of them are using "stars" as a rating scheme with a greater number of stars indicating better quality. The AAA and their affiliated bodies, on the other hand, use diamonds instead of stars in rating hotels.

Most of the luxury hotels around the globe are usually given a 4-5 star rating based on the services that they are offering. If they are offering more luxury, they will usually be considered a 5-star hotel. However, there are a few exceptions because there have been a few hotels that were considered as 7-star hotels.

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai was opened in 1998 and there is literally a butler for every room. Although it was widely described as a 7-star hotel, the management said that the label came from an unnamed British journalist on a press trip and they don't encourage its use or use it in their advertising. The same goes for the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi that opened in 2005. It is often described as a 7-star hotel, but it is only using a five-star rating in its advertising.

As for the Galleria in Milan, Italy, which was opened in 2007, they are claiming that they have a seven-star certificate from SGS Italy 2008. However, SGS Italy only has 5 stars in their hotel categorization so the seven-star certificate is probably a form of artistic license used in their advertising.

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Tips When Choosing a Hotel

Choosing a hotel in your area doesn't have to be complicated. It should be based on your own preference and you should only choose the hotel that would provide you the most comfort for your money.

What types of amenities do you need? Is the hotel near the places that you want to visit? Do you need any special services while staying in the hotel? How long do you plan to stay? What is your budget?

These are only some of the questions that will guide you in finding a hotel that would suit your needs. We all have different preferences when it comes to hotels and that should be your main criteria when choosing. The most important thing is that your budget is enough to book the hotel that you want. You have to remember that upscale luxury hotels are very expensive so make sure that you have enough money for that.

You should also research about the place where you want to go and the hotels that are located there. Make sure that you book your accommodation early so you won't have to worry about it when you get to your destination. You could find yourself being disappointed especially if the hotel is popular or in a popular destination or if there is an event being staged in that location.

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