How To Find A Liquor Store Near Me - Some Helpful Tips And Advice

A lot of people are looking for a liquor store near me. Whatever the reason, a quiet night in, a bottle of wine with dinner or a full on raging party, it makes perfect sense why people would be looking for a liquor store near them.

Liquor Store Near Me

Liquor is a very popular type of beverage and it is the term used to define a section of alcoholic beverages that we have on the market right now. Liquor is made through the distillation of grains, fruit or vegetables that have already gone through alcoholic fermentation. This is the reason why beer, wine, sake and cider can’t be considered as liquor since they are fermented and not distilled. Although nearly all Liquor stores will supply and happily sell all forms of alcoholic drinks and snacks as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of liquor and some basic information about liquor stores.

The History of Liquor

The history of liquor is completely shrouded in mystery because there have been a lot of disagreements and different views on who developed distillation. Let’s look at some of the facts that we currently know about liquor.

According to some, distillation originated in Mesopotamia 2,000 years BC. The explanation is that the process of distillation was used to create perfumes and aromatics. However, this is still highly speculative because there are not direct records of liquor being created alongside perfumes.

History of liquor distillationAround 100 AD, a Greek philosopher in the name of Alexander of Aphrodisias actually described a method to distill fresh water from sea water. We can say that he may or may not have distilled water, but distilling alcohol was not mentioned or even implied. This is still an assumption given the fact that the process of distillation was mentioned.

It appears that distillation may have been developed in China, while some say that it was in Italy. However, some of the authorities believe that it was first developed in Arabia. There are 2 names being mentioned, the physician Rhazer and the alchemist Jabir in Hayyan around 800 AD.

All of these are just assumptions and hypothesis made by some people. It is possible that the distillation of alcohol did not occur until middle ages because even if the process of distillation was already known, there is no guarantee that they already used it to make liquor.

Although there is a lot of confusion and varying opinions on the origins of liquor, the only sure fact about this is that Albertus Magnus, a renowned Alchemist from the 12th century, was the first to describe the process which made it possible to manufacture distilled spirits.

The Different Beverages You Can Buy in a Liquor Store

Before you look for a liquor store, the first thing that you need to know is the alcoholic beverages that you could actually buy there. Let’s take a closer look at the different alcoholic beverages that are often sold in a Liquor store.


Wine in a liquor store near meThis is an alcoholic beverage made from different fruits like grapes, peaches, plums or apricots. The most common wine is actually made from grapes. The taste of wine can be affected by a wide variety of factors and since there are different types of wine, they also have different ways to make them. The soil where the grapes are grown, the weather conditions in the growing season and the process of making it will affect the taste and quality of the wines. You can already guess why some people actually feel drunk after eating too many grapes!


Yes it is true that beer is not created by the process of distillation, but you can still find them in a liquor store because as of today, beer is still considered a form of alcoholic beverage. This is actually a liquid mix called wort and it is prepared by combining yeast and malted cereal like corn, rye, barley or wheat. Through fermentation, this liquid mix will produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. The process of fermentation will be stopped before it is completed to make sure that the alcohol content is controlled.


This alcoholic beverage is created by distilling the fermented juice of cereal grains like rye, corn or barley. Based on its ingredients, you can see that it is almost the same as the ingredients of beer, but the process used is different. Scotch whisky was made in Scotland and the word “Scotch” has become synonymous with high quality whiskey.


Rum, on the other hand, was a distilled beverage created from fermented molasses or sugarcane juice. This type of alcoholic beverage is usually aged for at least three years. Caramel is also used for coloring.


Like many other liquor, this type of alcoholic beverage is distilled from fermented fruit juices, usually grape. Brandy is often aged in oak casks and the color of brandy usually comes from the casks or the caramel that is added to it.


Spirits in a liquor store near meGin is known as a distilled beverage and it is a combination of alcohol, water and other flavors, usually Juniper berries. Gin is completely different from other alcoholic beverages in that it doesn’t improve with age, so they are not usually stored in wooden casks.

Simple Tips in Searching for a Liquor Store

If you are looking to buy alcoholic beverages, a liquor store will be your best bet. They have all kinds of alcoholic drinks, a wide range of economy brands at low prices and the best brands at premium prices as well.

Finding a good liquor store in your area may not be as easy as you think, but if you follow our tips below on how to do this you will not have any problem finding a reputable liquor store you can trust.

1.  Ask your Friends & Neighbors – Your friends and neighbors would probably know where to find the best local liquor store in town. Whether they drink alcohol or not, they could give you an idea on where to find a liquor store in your area. This is also the best method that you can consider because they can suggest a liquor store that they have already tried in the past.

2. Search on the Web – Enter “liquor store near me” into any search engine. This is one of the best ways to do it because you can find almost any establishment in your area on the Internet. You can search them in social media or you can check if they have a website. The best thing about searching on the web is that they usually provide some basic information about the liquor store like the alcoholic beverages that they are selling, the prices, location and opening hours.

3. Check The Prices – Although most of the liquor store have the same prices based on the brand that you are buying, there are some places where you can buy a certain brand for a cheaper price. You may want to check the location of the store because if they are in a busy street or in a business area, you can expect that the alcoholic beverages that they are selling will have a higher price.

It does not really matter if you drink alcohol or not you will at some time probably need to find a local liquor store. Alcoholic beverages will always be a an integral part of parties and most social gatherings. All of the information here will help you understand many things about alcoholic beverages and where to buy them in your local area.

Find a liquor store near me

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