Starbucks Near Me - How To Find The Perfect Coffee No Matter Where You May Be

Who hasn’t typed in the search ‘Starbucks Near Me’?

It is not uncommon for people to look for coffee shops right now because they offer a different ambiance compared with fast food chains and restaurants. As such, Starbucks became an instant hit to a lot of people around the globe, especially coffee enthusiasts.

Starbucks Near me

Coffee is something that was offered in some fast food chains and restaurants, but coffee was never the main focus. They usually offered coffee along with  breakfast meals, but the appearance of Starbucks changed everything. As a coffee shop, a lot of people visit Starbucks to order different types of coffee and enjoy a soothing and peaceful ambiance. Since it does not have the usual noisy and bustling environment of a restaurant and fast food chain, it is a perfect place to read a newspaper, do some work and more.

Before we go into more details about Starbucks, let’s take a look at the rich history of the coffee house chain and how it became popular around the globe.

The History of Starbucks

The very first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington on March 31, 1971 by three partners who met at the University of San Francisco when they were still students. English Teacher Jerry Baldwin, Writer Gordon Bowker and history teacher Zev Siegl were actually inspired to sell high quality coffee beans after the coffee roasting entrepreneur Alfred Peet taught them his unique style of roasting coffee beans.

The name “Starbucks” actually came from the name of the chief mate in the book Moby Dick: Starbuck. Before they named it Starbucks, they were also looking at uisng “Cargo House” and “Pequod”.

The first Starbucks store was established in Seattle at 2000 Western Avenue from 1971 to 1976 and it was later moved to 1912 Pike Place. During this time, the company was only selling roasted whole coffee beans and they were not brewing coffee to sell. The only brewed coffee that was served in their store was free samples to allow the buyers to taste their coffee beans.

In 1984, the original owners of Starbucks purchased Peet’s. In 1986, the company was already operating six stores in Seattle and they also started selling espresso coffee. In 1987, the original owners decided to sell the Starbucks chain to their former manager Howard Schultz who rebranded his II Giornale Coffee outlets as Starbucks and started expanding. In the same year after Howard bought the Starbucks chain, they decided to open the first Starbucks shop outside Seattle at Waterfront Station in Vancouver, British Columbia and Chicago, Illinois.

Like many other successful establishments today, Starbucks also started from small beginnings and it became extremely popular because of the high quality coffee mixes that they offer.

Starbucks As a Pioneer in the Coffee Industry

We can’t really say that Starbucks is the first coffee shop ever, but we can all agree that it has become the pioneer in the coffee industry because it was also the first to become extremely popular around the globe. Starbucks opened a new possibility to coffee shop owners and they set an example on how to bring your coffee shop business to new heights.

No one can deny that even now, a lot of people look for Starbucks wherever they go. Even if they are in a remote town or city, they will always look for Starbucks to relax and to drink coffee. Starbucks have been expanding around the globe with over 23,768 locations and rising. They have 13,277 in the United States, 2,290 in China, 1,402 in Canada, 1,162 in Japan and 872 in South Korea. These are the top 5 places with the most Starbucks around the globe and you can expect that these numbers will increase further in the years to come because Starbucks is expanding to other locations.

Starbucks is considered as the main representative of “second wave coffee” and they have distinguished themselves from other coffee houses through taste, quality and customer experience.

  • Starbucks has grown by an average of two stores every day for the past 27 years

  • Santa Fe Springs, Calif., has the highest concentration of Starbucks stores in the U.S. with 560 stores in a 25-mile radius

  • Starbucks plans to add 1,000 additional stores in China in the next year alone

  • There are more than 87,000 possible drink combinations at Starbucks

  • A Starbucks grande coffee has 330 milligrams of caffeine, more than four times the amount in a Red Bull

  • Starbucks spends more on employee health care than coffee beans each year

Starbucks Still Maintains its Competitive Edge

There are a lot of questions right now about the growth trajectory of Starbucks. As one of the biggest chains in the coffee industry, the rate of growth may tail off over the coming years, but the coffee giant is not yet finished. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Starbucks is still maintaining their edge against other competitors and why they are still at the top after so many years.

Product Innovation

Starbucks has always been known for its product innovation. Coffee is a very flexible product and you can do many things with it. One of the seasonal favorites back in 2016 was the Pumpkin spice latte. The launch actually followed more than 150,000 incremental visits on the first 2 days. Lately, they made a Rainbow Frappuccino which has taken the market by storm. Although a lot of critics shared their own opinions about this new Frappuccino, you can easily see that most of the customers were satisfied with this.

Through product innovation, Starbucks will always find a way to move themselves up the ladder. Coffee is very flexible so you can expect new blends in the future.

Adapting to the Changing Preferences of Consumers

If there is something worth mentioning about the success of products, it is their ability to be flexible and adapt to the changing preferences of their consumers. As time goes by, they know that their consumers’ preferences will change. People soon get bored of the same coffee blends, day after day, year after year. This is the main reason why Starbucks became successful. Their ability to adapt to the changing preferences of their consumers allowed them to succeed in tough markets such as China, where most people traditionally drank tea instead of coffee.

The introduction of almond milk along with other non-dairy alternatives is another example of recent moves to reach out to more customers.

Focusing on Food

Food is definitely a big driving force behind their efforts to get more customers. Coffee is great and you can do whatever you want with coffee, but Starbucks decided that they need to be focusing on more than just coffee alone and so they expanded their range of meals on offer in their coffee houses. We already know about the pastries that go alongside coffee, but Starbucks recently announced that they will also enter the brunch business. This will definitely lead to more sales for the coffee house and we can expect that they will slowly integrate different meals in to their menu as time goes by. It’s not a bad thing, but you can also anticipate it won’t please everyone, the true coffee purists will be wary of Starbucks wandering too far from the path.

Starbucks has been successful not only because of their ability to adapt to the changing market, but also because they treat their employees well. This is a well-known fact around the globe and this is also the reason why a lot of people enjoy working for Starbucks. It has helped create the right environment and ambience that has helped sustain the growth of this Coffee House chain.

No matter where you are in the world, you will always find a Starbucks store near you. If you are in a different location, you can just search online for “Starbucks Near Me’ and you will find a coffee-lovers haven somewhere close.

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